Marketing & CRM

CRM & marketing
Publish to portals
Edit property details
Unlimited image upload and storage
Order, re-order, rotate images
Store unlimited properties
Assign property to geographic area
Email details to a prospect
Match properties to prospect requirements
Auto manage viewing requests from portals
Send prospect questionnaire to prospects
Email matching properties to prospect
Manage prospect enquiry, viewing, pre-tenancy, contracting
Initiate pre-tenancy checks
Manage and finalise pre-tenancy checks
Use documents templates to draft contracts
Send contracts for digital signing using Docusign

Property Management

Add unlimited properties and tenancies
Group units for a property
Set expiry date document
Create customisable taskboard
Create tasks by type and assign to team and suppliers
Attach PDF and other document types to a task, works order or property
Upload unlimited property compliance documents
Select expiry dates and alerts for compliance documents
Set document renewal reminders at custom days up to 2 reminders (such as for GSC, EPIC, PATs, EPC)
See status of documents across portfolio
Convert a task into a Works Order
PDF a Works Order
Add internal notes to a property
Assign managers to a property
Attach photos to a Task or Works Order
Filter Tasks by property or type
Attach a bill to a Task or Works Order
Associate a Task with a Checklist and complete checklist as a part of Task or Works Order
Report all tasks by property or type of task
Sychronise tasks with Outlook
Sychronise tasks with Gmail
Report tasks and properties by branch


Whatsapp integration for direct messaging
Communications hub for centralised inbox
Receive communications by email, chat, whatsapp, sms
Group messaging internally or externally
Tag messages and associate with a property or contact
Sychronise to Gmail and Outlook
Message alerts sent to email if not read online
Invite tenants, suppliers, clients to messaging
Mark communications as resolved and closed

Client Accounting as a Service

LoftyWorks provides software solutions supporting enhanced financial management. For Client Accounting as a Service, please see the Rentancy website.

Auto rent demand generation
Auto management fee generation
Handle VAT on management fees
Flexible fee charging structures %, fixed on rent on payment and more
Fully configurable billing - collect rent, landlord collects rent etc
Bill fully managed, bill lettings only
Configure whether to send tenant demand by tenancy
Bank account integration using Xero
Smart bank reconcilation
Daily cash allocation reporting
Arrears chasing dashboard
Bulk arrears chasing by email or sms
NRL treatment and reporting
Landlord statement generation
Float management
Allocation of funds to tenant, client or supplier
Automated payout process
Full financial reporting module
Integration with Xero

Other features

Per minute backup of workspace data
Data migration and setup support
Bespoke staff training packages
Create workspaces for each branch
Customisable checklists
Customisable rent demand and invoice templates
API for integration to analytics and reporting tools
Data migration and setup support