Property Management with Xero

LoftyWorks has been designed to work completely in harmony with Xero, one of the UK’s leading financial packages. If you’ve been using Xero with property management software, like Arthur online, you’ll find that the integration with LoftyWorks is much more automated and more streamlined.  

Xero is already used by many of the UK’s top property accountants and landlords. Xero was selected because of popular feedback from agents and from landlords that we spoke to. Plus we had good experience using Xero for our own accounts.

Below is a list of the features LoftyWorks + Xero provides:

Rent Invoices & Rent Demands

  • Connect LoftyWorks to multiple Xero accounts. Useful for landlords who are operating separate P&Ls for each development project or portfolio.
  • Sync invoices in realtime from Xero with < 1 min delay.
  • Auto generate rental invoices matching the exact contract terms for a lease, service charge or tenancy.
  • Generate invoices, rent demands and/or remittances.
  • Auto send or do not send invoices.
  • Invoice by period including: monthly, quarterly calendar, rental quarters and annually.
  • Invoice with or without VAT.
  • Store invoices by contract and property.
  • Easily track payment status of invoices, such as in arrears.
  • Filter to show only In Arrears invoices.
  • Quick view of total amount invoiced in current month, amounts due and in arrears.
  • Search by invoice number or reference.

Supplier Bills

  • Property management with Xero and LoftyWorks lets you synchronise bills.
  • Approve bills, with up to 3 individual staff members to approve before payment is made.
  • Split a bill across several properties.
  • Track the payment status of a bill.
  • Search by bill number of reference.

Agency Features

  • Apply a management fee to a tenancy or lease.
  • Management fees can be a fixed fee or percentage fee.
  • Management fees are set by default in settings but can get adjusted for individual contracts.
  • Auto raise a bill for the management fee when a lease or tenancy invoice is generated.
  • Prepare a period landlord summary report for a property or by landlord.
  • Maintain a float for a property, retaining a minimum balance on account of landlord funds.

For more information, check out our Features page.

You can also trial the service for 14 days free or arrange a demo here.